Cell Phones Two

Just to justify what I wrote previously. There was an ad on TV last night by a company that admits when you buy the lastest gadget, it is obsolete. They advertise that they will buy back the obsolete one so you can buy the lastest one. This kind of advertising preys on those who “seem” to need the lastest thing. Now I see cell phones that are almost mini-laptops. Have we gone to far with the cell phone. Do we need all of the apps that are becoming available for cell phones.

I was of the opinion that children did not really need cell phones. I have revised that thinking. When I was growing up there were hardly any crimes against children. It was safe to walk the streets after dark. Parents did not need to worry about something happening to their children. They did worry about what the kids might get into. That was sixty years ago. In today’s society crime is rampant, and several are against children. That’s in broad daylight, it gets much worse at night. Cell phones are a necessity for our children to be even remotely safe. But they do not need fancy phones with the attended apps. NO! Parents need to stand up to their kids, just like I did. Say no to the fancy phones with big price tags and big bills. All that is necessary is a phone with texting ability and GPS, for tracking andĀ that’s it. Children need to pay attention of what is going on around them, not with their heads stuck on the screen of their cell phone.


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Retired Navy, Worked with Intel for five years. Hobbies: electronics, art, jewelry making, & r/c airplanes.
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