Electronic Trends

This is my first forray into the Blog Arena. The reason I picked Electronics Trends is because I have always been fascinated by what the little electron does for us. From toasting our toast to helping us find our way. It lights our homes, in some cases, cooks our meals, listen to music, play games, and watch TV to just name a few.

Cell phones. What do they mean for each generation? For those of us who grew up with home phones, cell phones started out as a great convience item. Though the first few were awkward and heavy. For the real quick call to the office or home, they were handy. They were reduced in size and more functions were added. For some of us they were getting to complicated.

For the younger generation, especially those that grew up with the cell phone, they are a great toy. They are using them in the malls, on the street, in restraunts, etc. Suggest that they only use them when really needed and they looked at you as if you had asked them to cut their arm off. Today’s generation is easy to spot. They are texting everywhere. When asked what they were texting, you will be told that he/she just told their friend that they were walking on such and such a street. Or some other inane statements.

The two worst times to use a cell phone, in my opion, is while driving and in a restraunt. My stepson texts while he is driving and he is scaring his mother and I to death. We can’t get him to quit except when we are riding with him. You see so many others that are texting or talking on the phone while driving. Accident statistics are beginning to show that more wrecks are caused by cell phone use.

The second is in restraunts. I’m not talking the fast food places. My wife and I were having a nice dinner the other night and a man received a call. Instead of adking if he could call back later he had his conversation. He talked so loud that the entire restraunt heard his side of the conversation. I feel that that is very rude. We would like to eat our dinner in peace and be able to have some of our own conversation with out trying to talk over this individual’s cell phone talk.

And now cell phones have capabilities and apps that are almost replacing the notebook. And here I thought it was just a phone. Have a good day.


About electronictrends

Retired Navy, Worked with Intel for five years. Hobbies: electronics, art, jewelry making, & r/c airplanes.
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